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The most resonant event, after which great attention began to be paid to the teratogenic effect, was the use of thalidamide, a sleeping pill that led to malformations in 10 thousand children in the 1950s. Currently approved for use in leprosy.

Surprisingly, but about 10% of patients do not like to take pills, which leads to a violation of the treatment regimen. In this regard, scientists from Germany have developed recommendations for the use of tablets: when swallowing tablets (they have a higher density than water), you should tilt your head back slightly, which allows you to "wash off" the drug in the right direction; when swallowing capsules (due to the air content inside, their density is less than the density of water), you should slightly tilt your head forward, which allows you to wash off the drug towards the pharynx.

According to statistics, globally, four out of five people over the age of 75 need regular medication, while 36% of this group use more than four different types of pills every day. Often, some drugs can be metabolized by the same liver enzymes. In this regard, against the background of competitive binding of active centers of enzymes, the likelihood of an overdose of the drug increases.

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Also, against the background of objective manifestations of aging, such as arthritis, vision and memory problems, the elderly may disrupt the pill-taking regimen. Therefore, the tablets must be in signed containers (or packages). It is also forbidden to take medications in poor lighting conditions. This is due to the fact that not only the dosage of the tablets can be changed by mistake, but also the type of medication taken with all possible complications.

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When taking medications for a long time, it is recommended to contact a specialist at least once a year. This is due to the fact that it is necessary not only to clarify the dosage of the tablets, but also the indications for its use. It is also not recommended to take medications on their own, even those that seem harmless, due to the fact that the risk of side effects increases.

Tablets differ not only in the manufacturing method (pressed and molded), but also in a number of features that allow maintaining the high efficiency of the main active ingredient in their composition. The tablets are thus presented: uncovered; covered; effervescent tablets; gastrointestinal; modified release; for oral use.

Uncoated tablets are those that consist of one or more layers, which are connected by single or multiple pressing. This type of pill is one of the easiest and cheapest to make.

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Effervescent tablets are called tablets that react quickly in water with an intense release of carbon dioxide, which is manifested by a characteristic "hiss". If the tablet floats on the surface, then there is only "hiss", and if its density is higher than the density of water (which is why it is located at the bottom of the container with water), the release of bubbles is also observed.